The Other Bulgaria is a collaborative project of the Prima Production Agency and BTV (national private broadcaster – a key media contact of the British Council in Bulgaria). This weekly series opened in 1999 and has been successfully running since. Its concept is to film short documentary series about Bulgarians living abroad. The series focuses on the personal story of each interviewee without seeking comment of the reason for their leaving Bulgaria. The Other Bulgaria is an attempt to see the foreign country through the eyes of the Bulgarians who are its residents-the natural and historic sites, culture, tradition and contemporary life. It has been shot in a number of countries so far and I am pleased that it is now the turn of the United Kingdom. However, the crew is extremely professional, and the series achieves high viewing figures as well as commanding considerable respect. I am therefore happy to write this letter of introduction and would be most grateful if you could afford them as much assistance and co-operation as your own policy allows.
Your sincerely
Ian Stewart /Director